Abandoned Theme Park Video

FOLLOWING on from last week’s feature we also made a home movie about our adventures. We’ve visited a derelict lido, an abandoned asylum, a defunct hospital and an abandoned theme park to name a few purely selfish jaunts, feeding my obsession with post apocalyptic wonderlands. These incredible places don’t stick around for long in this country, any excuse to cram in the new builds and these faded beauties are raised to the ground.

We filmed this home movie as we explored the abandoned theme park, skated around on a longboard, downed shots for dutch courage and generally had a great time. (We took loads of photos so make sure you check them out too). The vid is set to an amazing track called “Show Me The Money” by Lux Lisbon – such a great song! You can download “Show Me The Money” and their 11 track EP “Get Some Scars” for free.

Now time for the video! I even chucked in some bloopers at the end…

Download the 11 track EP Get Some Scars by Lux Lisbon for free, you can also follow them on Twitter @LuxLisbonMusic and Facebook luxlisbonmusic

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