I spend a fair bit of time on social media talking about cars, telling people about my builds and generally spreading the word about stylish loveliness in all forms. On my social media travels I came across an awesome bunch called Kunstvoller, a lifestyle brand made for extreme sports junkies. We hit it off because I love what they’re doing and as a small start-up ourselves we like to support other start-ups like Kunstvoller – anyone grafting hard to make a living from what they love is alright by us.

With their cheeky play on words, super-fly designs and great quality t-shirts Kunstvoller are extra special, I wear tees all the time but I’m damn fussy about them so it was great to find someone doing something different – really well. Kunstvoller are releasing designs in stages and they have sketch books full of loads more so there’s a ton of wondrous cool to come.

I don’t really do any extreme sports, I longboard but that’s not too extreme – however I do weld and design classic custom cars which can be very extreme – I think I fit right in.

girls welding

girls welding

Kunstvoller t-shirt

Kunstvoller stickers

So because we’re all getting friendly and supportive and all that lovely stuff, the crew at Kunstvoller sent me a bunch of stickers (you can get them here) which I pimped my welding helmet with, yay! I also got the best t-shirt with the Kunstvoller ‘Lucky Lil’ Kunst’ design on the front – it’s so soft! I normally cut the sleeves off my tees but this fit so well (I’m wearing a men’s XS) so I just rolled ’em up and let it do it’s thing.

Well I’m convinced, Kunstvoller are doing something simple by designing tees and they’re doing it really well. I love that they’re connecting with like-minded souls and making a statement with they’re ideas. Well done Kunstvoller, count me in.

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