MK1 MX5 Project

At the moment I’m working on some extremely exciting projects that unfortunately I can’t talk about just yet, frustratingly this is one of them. What I can say is that I am in possession of a MK1 MX5 and last week I went on a road trip to an abandoned petrol station so I could shoot this little gem. Anyone who knows me also knows that I adore cars and I’m mad about abandoned buildings so the fact I could combine these two things made me super happy!

So without giving the game away completely let me drop some serious hints about this project, the likelihood of this MX5 staying standard is minimal isn’t it? I love to drive, I especially love to drive fast and who doesn’t love a bit or rear wheel drive action? So by process of elimination it’s safe to say this MK1 is going to be undergoing some kind of transformation for some kind of purpose. Right? Right.

By early next year this build will be featured (on a monthly basis) in Retro Cars Magazine, so you’ll be able to follow what may or may not be happening to this car. I will also be documenting the process through Quarter Mile Style and on my Instagram. For now, I’ve got a few cheeky Instax photos to give you a glimpse of this amazing little sports car and let your imagination run wild with custom possibilities…

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