NEC Classic Motor Show 2017

This weekend was the 2017 Classic Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham and what a weekend! This year I had the pleasure of being there as a proud member of Goblin Works Garage where we had a stand to promote our upcoming custom car and bike series. We were even interviewed on stage by Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead from Wheeler Dealers about our show.

(Thank you for these lovely snaps Chris Frosin – you’re a legend! Check out Chris’s website – he takes insanely cool car and bike photographs).

Goblin-Works-and-Wheeler-DealersGoblin-Works-Garage Goblin-Works-NEC-stand

It’s hard work setting up for an event like this – it’s a big deal, but together we nailed it and everyone seemed to love our builds. We brought along our Series 2a slammed Land Rover, MK3 Capri with a 2017 5L Coyote V8 and custom body, Datsun 280z track car for the road, Harley Davidson custom flat tracker, Norton cafe racer and Yamaha drag bike. Bringing our designs to the NEC helped get the word out about Goblin Works and what we’ve been building for our series on Quest and Discovery International. It was also really important to us to share the quality of these custom beauties; not only do they look good on-screen they look epic in reality too.

As well as storming the Discovery stage we also did a live interview on Quest’s Facebook page answering questions from you all. So if you missed it you can check out the madness here.

Because we were so busy on our stand I didn’t get much chance to see the other cars and bikes – those who have been to the show will know how huge it is and how much there is to see. I did manage to snap a few lovely details to share on here though. I like to capture colour, custom graphics, bodywork, engine bays and all the obsessive loveliness that goes into these beautiful builds because every millimetre is important and these are the areas I obsess over too…

We had an absolute blast at the NEC and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped us out – Paul Bird, Greg King, Paul Bailey, Teng Tools, Ecotile Flooring, the NEC crew and our wonderful Quest family. Thank you also to Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead for being gracious hosts and Drew Pritchard and Paul Cowland for making us laugh so much. Also thank you to everyone who came out to see us and talk about our builds – we had a fantastic weekend with you all and can’t wait until next time.

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