Goblin Works Garage

Tonight Goblin Works Garage airs for the first time on Quest at 9pm! To say I’m excited doesn’t begin to cover it and obviously I want to plug the show, but I also really want to talk about the team – Ant Partridge, Jimmy de Ville, myself Helen Stanley, and the all important Goblin crew.

We’ve become such a tight-knit creative, dysfunctional, petrol head family and laughed all day everyday whilst we were building our beautiful custom creations. As well as producing custom cars and motorcycles we flew an aeroplane, partied, went to see Feeder, raced around fields in all kinds of vehicles, moaned because the local pubs’ beer was too fancy (that was me), had water fights, drew willys all over everything (that was Ant), travelled up and down the country spending a lot of time in service stations. We got rained on, got sun stroke, got too cold, got too hot, got ridiculously muddy, raged up and down drag strips and air strips, got in lots of trouble and got spotted in the supermarket buying pies (that was Jimmy). We went to car shows and totally nerded out on classic Fords (again that was me), met incredibly inspiring and talented people, we also met people who needed a fresh look when it comes to cars and bikes. There were three funerals, one marriage and one gorgeous baby throughout this crazy year together too – to say this has been an insane journey doesn’t begin to cover the experience.

I knew Goblin Works Garage would be a wonderful project but honestly I had no idea it would be such a life changing adventure. I’ve learned so much from Ant and Jimmy – I’ve also made friends for life, the kind you’re lucky to find just one of – but to find two as well as the Goblin crew, I’m blown away. To everyone who worked so incredibly hard and made this journey so insanely fun, thank you, for believing in the custom scene and believing in Ant, Jimmy and myself individually as well as a team.

I’ve collected together some personal snaps of this crazy escapade, taken by myself, Ant and the crew as well. We hope you enjoy Goblin Works Garage as much as we have and continue to do so…

Special thanks to Rick, Victoria, Ed, Ben, Nicola, Charlie, Nick, Paul, Dawn, Greg, Amy, James, Michael, Ben, Nicky, Mel, Emily, Grimsby, Elena, Rollo, Michael, Dave, Phil & Paul. An extra special thank you to the legendary Ida Sharman who is possibly a bigger petrol head than all of us! Also a big thank you to everyone else who has supported us in any way shape or form throughout this super fun (but super tough) year –  family, friends, social media fans – all of you are epic. Loads of love xx

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