The Bike Shed Show, 2018

It’s well documented that I love The Bike Shed. Ever since Vikki and Dutch invited me to display my custom Cortina in amongst the custom bikes and addictive atmosphere of their motorcycle club it’s felt like home. So it’s a given that I’d be super excited about their annual show at Tobacco Dock in London.

I went last year but only for one day, this time I decided to go from the Friday launch night to the Sunday. I figured this would give me loads of time to see all the bikes, gear, music and art, sample the street food and do some socializing. The trouble is I went with Ant and Niels, my fellow custom hoons and road trippers – which meant the socializing took over because they introduced me to so many great people. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the car industry has a lot to learn from the bike crowd. Motivation, encouragement and inspiration from all angles. No sexist comments just enthusiasm, respect and inclusion. Don’t get me wrong this does exist on the car scene but not in the same way and not on the same scale at all, which is sad and really needs attention. Believe me I’m trying!

The venue is perfect – right on the water with outside space and loads of light. The sun was shining down on us all weekend and that definitely helped add to the already electric atmosphere. My mission was to take loads of pics and make a little video – which I did manage but as I mentioned the socializing seemed to take priority this time. To get it, you need to go there, so if you haven’t been before write it on your calendar for next year. That’s an order.

The Bike Shed Show was bigger and better this year, the builds were outstanding and there was so much variety. There are trends in the custom world, which obviously differ from cars to bikes but the great thing about this event is that it’s not too trend lead – which means there is something for all tastes and persuasions. I think that’s important, to give people variety. The attention to detail on some of the builds was breathtaking and I definitely had a few favourites. One of which I would have bought then and there, a custom 1978 Kawasaki Z400 B2 by BGM Cafe Racers & Scramblers but it wasn’t for sale – I’m working on it though!

I’m a sucker for a classic Honda and this beaut went straight onto my wish list as well, a 1969 Honda CB360K2 by Kuna Customs. The deBolex Ducati was a knockout, Sinroja Motorcycles’ TW Steel bike was another stunner and Ant Partridge’s Harley rebuild is looking epic. It’s really hard to single-out individual bikes amongst 239 incredible builds, so in the end it just comes down to personal style and taste. I love custom classic vehicles and that’s what stands out for me, but honestly I respect and appreciate all of them. 

So in conclusion – The Bike Shed Show was yet again outstanding. Thank you to everyone at The Bike Shed for putting on such a fantastic event, for always making me feel welcome and part of your custom family. Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to me about their builds about Goblin Works Garage and everything else we chatted about. Thank you Molly, my wonderful motorcycle instructor who’s inspiring and encouraging and thank you to everyone who worked super hard to get their builds to Tobacco Docks for everyone else to enjoy. Thank you Anthony & Niels for being such great partners in crime, we always have a blast. You’re all incredible. Until next time.

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