Broke Boys

One of the things I adore about custom life is discovering and meeting other petrol heads doing what they love and working really hard to do what they love everyday. I find it extremely strange when people say things like “you’re so lucky to do what you do and have this lifestyle”. Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it folks, if you knew even a small amount of the hard work, tears, stress and pain we go through to keep our heads afloat working in the custom scene, you’d soon realise referring to any of our intense graft as luck is an insult. We pay our dues.

Custom life is all about sticking together – encouraging, motivating and inspiring each other to keep going. So when I see amazing things, meet incredible people who are not only talented but work insanely hard to channel that talent – then I like to spread the word. I just discovered a really cool brand when I was at FittedUK who made me laugh as well as fulfilling all of the above. Broke Boys. Broke Boys are a car community and crew who appreciate all cars and mods. They totally get that petrolheadonism is expensive and are trying to support everyone, not just the best – all those giving it a go.

I saw their merch and had invest in some of their threads. I got a tee and a sweater with “Broke” emblazoned across the chest and had to share – because if you build cars, customise them, tune them or just drive them like you stole them then you’ll probably be broke too! We put our hearts and souls into our builds and it goes without saying our wallets get emptied at the same time. So I figured this was an appropriate tee for me, especially as I’ve had to temporarily trade in my MX5 for a skateboard whilst my pocket rocket is under construction!

I might not have a lot of time right now but I skated about today and took some snaps of my Broke gear so I could show you how freakin cool it is! So make sure your check em out peeps and remember to spread the positivity…





Took these babies on Instax….



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