FittedUK 2018

FittedUK 2018, what an absolutely epic custom event! I’d better start at the beginning before I get too carried away and emotionally invested in all of the cars again. So, I’m making a new custom car show with the BBC and we’re filming at Project Three in Manchester. The P3 team were heading over to FittedUK and had a stand, so long story short I commandeered the slammed Landy from Goblin Works Garage and joined the hell in!

FittedUK is one of the largest indoor automotive events in the UK, they collect together some of the best resto-mods, rat rods, modified bods, classics, modern classics and future classics – custom cars any way you like them – all in one place. If you’re a custom hoon or any kind of petrol head like me then this is heaven. I was seriously stunned by the quality of workmanship, the variety of builds and the modernity of the scene here. Recently I’ve become far more into the bike scene because it’s a much more positive environment. FittedUK have proved to me that people are out there on the car scene with the same attitude and desire to encourage, motivate and inspire as the bike lot. This kind of event is exactly what custom life is all about, sharing our passion and creativity – it’s also nice to know everyone is just as skint as you because they all spend everything they have financially, physically and emotionally on their customs!

Everyday I experience negativity because of the custom work I’ve been involved with, some people just don’t get it. However the folks I was fortunate enough to meet at FittedUK 2018 do. I don’t care what you do to your car, if you love it – I respect you and your bad ass build. Keep building petrol heads! Anyone can buy a car, it takes imagination, determination and ridiculously hard work to build a custom car.

Anyway this is starting to sound like an after school special. Back to the event; I snapped a few of the builds that really caught my eye to share with you, including the Bimmer I’ve been harping on about on Instagram…

I hope to visit to a few shows this year with my latest project if I can get the MX5 finished in time – this event has certainly given me a shuv. Remember to follow me over on Instagram @helen_s_stanley – I update my stories daily and post a couple of times a week, all about custom life!

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