I travelled back to my favourite place, Los Angeles, after a very hectic filming schedule (news to follow) – in need of a break. However I went with Anthony Partridge and he had other ideas that did not include stopping to chill out at all. I’m not complaining though because we had an Indian Chieftain to rip around LA, visit old friends and meet new ones.

So let’s start with the bike… I’ve only just got my license so I’d didnt want to tackle the mad LA traffic just yet. However Ant is an experienced biker so he rode the Chieftain and I jumped on the back (I must add that before we picked it up we went straight to Eggslut in Venice first. Obviously). The new Chieftain has been restyled with a more slammed stance, 19″ front wheel, low streamlined saddlebags and modern technology with keyless ignition, cruise control, Abs, touchscreen display, killer audio system, Bluetooth Conectivity, and Led lights from nose tail. The Chieftain has a Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin Engine which although I didn’t ride, as a passenger the Chieftain was comfortable, powerful and absolutely perfect for road tripping. We even travelled to Las Vegas for the Sema Show on it – but I’ll cover that in another post because that place is a whole other story!

One of the many highlights of this trip was The Moto Beach Classic on Huntingdon Beach. The amazing team at Roland Sands Design including the man himself put on the most incredible event. Custom motorcycles, flat track, sprint racing, beer, punk, food, artwork… teaming up with Surf City Blitz. It was a bit surreal watching Rancid on a beach in Southern California, made even better by being surrounded by some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Dayyyumm this was a fun few days! I love this place!

Last time I was in LA we spent more time in Venice but this time we hung out more in West Hollywood. Visiting the awesome team at Dohnut Media, we also went to watch Theo Vaughan at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose Avenue and hung out at the Chateau. I had to go back to Venice though, it’s my absolute favourite place in LA and I can’t go to LA without visiting Dogtown Coffee. The original site of the Zephyr Surf Shop. I’ve talked about it before in my previous LA post so won’t I won’t repeat myself but I love the history of that place. We also road out to Malibu, Newport Beach, Laguna and through Beverly Hills. We crammed in so much and tried to see different places to last time.

This trip was another wonderful adventure and another chance to see even more of LA. When you’re working so hard it’s easy to forget what it’s all in aid of and for me it’s all about custom cars, new adventures on motorcycles and California. This trip to Los Angeles gave me a refresh before I start another crazy year of filming and building. Reminding me why I’m working so hard – to spend more time in my favourite place and keep doing all of the above.

Photos taken on my Huawei P20 Pro by Anthony & myself.

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