I’m Not Driving That With Ali-A

As well as Goblin Works Garage I also worked on another custom car show for the BBC, I’m Not Driving That With Ali-A. These projects were for first time drivers who needed a bit of extra driving tuition and in exchange we added something special to their cars with some custom touches.

I usually work on classic cars but the majority of these project cars weren’t that old, for example I wouldn’t normally choose to reimagine a Nissan Micra or a Suzuki Wagon R but I certainly welcomed the challenge!

Working with the team at Project Three along with Ali-A was so much fun, we worked on 20 first time driver’s cars and 20 celebrity cars over the two series. Wrapping, dechromimg, swapping out wheels, dip dying, installing stereos and gizmos… we definitely faced a challenge with so many cars over such a short space of time. But throughout the series I met incredible people, made lifelong friends and had such a laugh, and ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

So I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos of the team from I’m Not Driving That, to give you a glimpse into our crazy fun show. Both series are available to watch on BBCiPlayer now so go binge some petrol flavoured entertainment people!..

NDT01594 (1)fbtPSX_20190406_094533cofrbtrhdrrbtdavcofcofrbtozrbtPSX_20190406_094109PSX_20190406_094401ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX9_iPlayer_CBIK757W_01_CelebJaymiHensley04cofImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX4_iPlayer_CBIK753T_01_CelebRossWorswick03ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX8_iPlayer_CBIK757W_01_CelebKieronRichardson03ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX5_iPlayer_CBIK754N_01_CelebDanielleLloyd03ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX10_iPlayer_CBIK759_01_CelebOrtisDeley01ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX3_iPlayer_CBIK753T_01_CelebRussellKane02ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX1_iPlayer_CBIK750L_01_CelebJessWright03ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX9_iPlayer_CBIK757W_01_CelebJaymiHensley03ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX6_iPlayer_CBIK755H_01_CelebTulisa02ImNotDrivingThat_S2_TX7_iPlayer_CBIK756B_01_CelebDuayneBoachie02cof

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