The Malle Mile 2019

I can’t believe The Malle Mile has already gone and here I am writing all about the epicness. It’s the second year I’ve been to this exciting, enlightening, inappropriate motorcycle event and once again I’ve had an awesome time. Last year I made it my mission to have passed my motorcycle tests (which I did) and bring along my little Honda trail bike to race (which I sadly I didn’t) so next year I will definitely haul my green machine to join in with the hooning. It’s perfect for the lightweight classes and although I won’t win anything it’ll be good fun trying.

I always say this about motorcycle events and I’ll keep saying it until it ceases to happen – every time I meet incredible new friends, really interesting, talented, positive, people who I then keep in touch with. I also get to hang out with old friends, who’ve I’ve met at previous events so these gatherings become a reunion as well. I spent the whole weekend laughing and smiling and it was a welcome break from filming Goblin Works Garage, a much needed escape from building. I really wish car events were more like this – maybe I need to do something!?





This year I was lucky enough to be part of the Rebel Yell squad, representing Rebel Yell Bourbon along with Anthony Partridge and Henry Crew at the event. Spreading the word, sharing the love and generally living the custom life. Chris Corona and Nicole Wait both came over from Texas to capture the wonder of The Malle Mile and together we all had a blast. I love to work with people who have the same outlook within different industries – cars, bikes, music, design -we’re all risk takers and rule breakers and when we’re together we encourage, motivate and inspire each other. That’s why these events are like an electric charge for the soul, the best kind of experience.




Rebel Yell Bourbon Malle-Mile Anthony-Goblin-WorksDucati-Scrambler Helen-Goblin-Works-Garage Ant-Goblin-Works Henry-CrewMalle-Mile




Set in the grounds of Kevington Hall The Malle Mile couldn’t be more English, and although I plan to move it does remind me why this country is great. The background is outstanding and the facilities are bang on – camping (in a van) with proper showers and loos is the only way I’ll do it! The hall makes the event seem more personal, gives the gathering a heart and keeps it intimate. Commentary from Bruno Morris and Ben Bowers gives the weekend constant comedy and there’s also the bonus of The Enchanted Forest which you can only understand if you’ve been to The Mile. It’s the pinnacle of Saturday night’s entertainment and things get wild in there. Some bemused chaps -clearly less inclined to party – stood outside the van early Sunday morning moaning about the noise… let me warn you now, if you’re thinking of a quiet, tame occasion then you’re best off looking elsewhere. The clue is in the title – The British Inappropriate Motorcycle Race!

As well as all that there was an art exhibition featuring Ryan Roadkill and DFace, stands, exhibitions and good food, live bands, screenings and talks with some super cool bike peeps. Unfortunately it did rain but it’s the UK, it always rains and the racers, Ant and Henry included still managed to rip, entertain and churn up some more mud. Probably some of the most entertaining motorcycle racing I’ve seen in a while!

Chris took some great photos, we shared some cracking Rebel Yell Bourbon, Ant and Henry raced and we all had a damn good time. I’m quite literally counting down the days until next year and I WILL get my Honda fixed so next year I can join in. Until then thank you to everyone who made this event possible especially Jonny and Rob from Malle London and all your crew, you’ve created something truly eccentric and wonderful – exactly what custom life should be about. This is a really special experience, honestly one of the very best.





Photographs by Chris Corona. Special thank you to Rebel Yell for sponsoring our weekend at The Malle Mile.

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