Albania, Expect The Unexpected

Whilst filming series 3 of Goblin Works Garage I found myself on a road trip in Albania. Not a country I’d ever planned to go to because to be honest it doesn’t have the best reputation. I should know better than to judge a country or a place before I’ve been there myself, I traveled to loads of random places when I was a Visual Merchandiser and enjoyed all of them.

So, Albania – not on my bucket list but I’m so glad I went there because the reputation this place has is so far from reality. I’m annoyed that I believed the anti-hype because I loved it, I’d definitely go back on holiday and I want to explore further. We started off in Corfu and got a ferry to the South of Albania where we travelled up into the mountains – I can’t really give details because it’ll ruin the episode, but we were building a car over there so it was all revolving around that. The weather and the scenery were absolutely outstanding especially where we stayed in House on Canyon Guesthouse, which had the most incredible views, amazing food and super friendly people. From there we drove to Tirana, the capital of Albania where we stayed at the Sarajevo Art Hoteland ended our trip in Peshkopi up in the North of Albania. We were there for nearly two weeks so we saw a fair bit of scenery, managed to get to the beach on our day off and met lots of fantastic people. We definitely saw lots of different sides to the country.

The highlight for me was a car meet, arranged for Goblin Works Garage by Speed Hunters Albania which took place in Mother Theresa Square in Tirana. We had a fantastic turn-out with supercars, custom classics, modified future classics, factory spec beauts and pimped 4x4s. Everyone was so enthusiastic, showing us their builds and telling us all about their different projects. Albania certainly has a thriving custom car scene and I’m glad I got to experience it with the Goblins.

I can’t really say much more because the beauty of this country will be evident in our special episode for series 3 of Goblin Works. But I did want to express how wonderful Albania is, how lovely and friendly the people are and how keen everyone is to get the real Abania across to the rest of the world. It’s an unspoilt country full of culture and beauty, perfect for holidays, road trips and adventures. Don’t believe the anti-hype, get out there and see for yourselves – you’ll be as surprised and delighted as I was.

If you’re still unsure; throughout the trip we were accompanied by Drive Albania, a private tour company offering off-road adventures. They know the best places, whatever you’re after they’re able to suggest something. They’re a great group of people and I highly recommend them – now there’s no excuse! Visit Albania folks, you’ll love it.

Pics by me, last one by Ant & one of me sitting by Charlie Graham.

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