Goblin Works Garage Series 2

We’re back! I apologise for being a bit slow on the uptake – we’ve been filming a special episode in Albania, series 2 is out in America and the UK, I’m still trying build my own project AND improve my driving skills with some drifting.

So series 2 is out, we’re onto episode 3 in America and 2 in the UK. Goblin Works then goes out around the world. It’s great to be back, we had quite a long pause between series 1 and 2, but in between I’ve never stopped playing with cars. This season on Goblin Works Garage we’ve really upped the anti. We wanted to go bigger, better and more custom and I think we’ve definitely achieved that. The Muscle Mini has already been released and that was a very special car – a real little hellion. My passion project, the E30 was out this week. I’m going to write a stand alone blog post on that car once Fast Car Magazine have published their feature on it. It deserves an entire article!

There’s lots more as well; I redeem myself after that Escort smash by getting my race license and driving a very cool custom Porsche around the track, we get lumbered with an unexpected beast, build a car for a rock star, and go stateside in a special ep. There’s definitely something for everyone including all the incredible custom bikes that Ant builds and races, he goes to some really great events and even surprises me with a little something on my classic green beastie.Even if you’re not massively into cars in a technical sense there’s loads to entertain – laughing at us rather than with us is to be expected and we’re OK with that. I’ve spoken to men, women and kids who love this show and although I’m biased I highly recommend that you watch it and spread the word. Petrol hedonism is all about passion, encouragement, motivation and inspiration so share the love. Not everyone loves what we do but we didn’t expect them too, what no one can deny is our devotion to cars and bikes and all the hard work that goes into this show. Both us Goblins and our crew are incredibly hard grafters and we strive for the best. Enjoy the show peeps and stay tuned because we’re already filming series 3….

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