Rookie Drifter Part 2

Exactly a month after my first drift training day at Prodrift Academy I was back, this time (after a quick re-fresh) Sarah put me straight into a Nissan 350z Nismo and the driving immediately and quite literally went up a gear. The first part of training was at quite a slow pace, I didn’t have loads of time to think but I had a little. But this next stage is super quick in comparison. The Nismo is a different beast, and hurtling towards a marker before initiating a turn was really fun but reactions have to be bang on.
It’s one thing being shown what to do, but it’s quite another to execute the moves yourself. The way I drive is to feel what’s right, and the first few attempts when sh*t is going south is frustrating, but as soon as I nail it I feel it and it starts to make sense.
Sarah Price is a superb trainer, her driving is so impressive and not only is she helping me learn she’s also very inspiring. We’ve found fun ways to help me remember certain techniques and she can tell what works with me and what doesn’t then adjusts to help me get the best out of my time with her.

I need to be practicing drifting a couple of times a week, that’s what I’d like to do, but crazy filming schedules don’t allow that unfortunately. I have bought a car to practice in and my MX5 is being built with drifting as it’s main purpose so I have/will have the tools, I just need time. I can safely say that driving like this, for me, is quickly becoming an addiction. I just need to make sure I keep my frustrations out of the mix. First and foremost this is fun, as soon as I start putting pressure on myself I make mistakes. So I need to work on that and I need to practice. It’s all heading in the right direction, I just want to get there a bit quicker which I will.

I dragged Chris Frosin along again to snap some shots of the days training. This actually really helps me, because through his imagery I can see I’m managing to Drift which inturn helps to fuel my enthusiasm. Thank you Chris, Sarah and Prodrift Academy – another cracking training session.

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