The Podcast is Here!

Anthony Partridge (my co-hoon from Goblin Works Garage as well as my partner in crime) and I have been working on a podcast and it’s finally available! This Custom Life is us, sharing our world of petrol fueled fun through honest, stripped back conversations. Inviting the listener into our custom lives and of course we don’t hold back on the banter.

It does contain offensive language so if you’re easily offended by that kind of thing it’s probably best to give it a miss. If not, here’s where you can listen to us…

Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Breaker | Overcast | Anchor | RadioPublic | PocketCasts.

Episode One is available on all of the above, it’s an introduction to us, who we are and how we got here. We’ll be publishing a new episode every Sunday evening and we welcome feedback from you. We want to make a podcast you all want to listen to so please tell us what you want to hear and we’ll try to accommodate.

So give our podcast a listen, don’t forget to rate the episode and please spread the word petrol heads!

(Featured image courtesy of Chris Corona, image below courtesy of GWG production edited by Helen).


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