Los Angeles to Las Vegas

I visit Los Angeles as much as I can, it’s my favourite place. LA is an incredible city for custom cars, bikes, beautiful weather, positive people and tasty food too. This time Anthony and I stayed in West Hollywood (Weho!) just behind The Chateau Marmont, we try and stay somewhere different every time we come to LA and this was a great spot. We planned to come to Southern California to have a break after filming Goblin Works Garage for the last year, to attend Roland Sands’ Moto Beach Classic event and to go to Sema in Las Vegas at the end of our trip.

Whilst Ant and I were in LA we also went to a fantastic car show in Pasadena at the ArtCentre College of Design. Many innovative, ground-breaking, designers have studied here including Chip Foose, Alex Earl, Karim Habib and Koichi Suga. It was a small event with the best selection of cars I’ve ever seen; concept cars including the Pontiac Vivant, Lancia Strato’s HF, very rare race cars that changed the face of motoring such as the Daytona Coupe and Ford GT, originals too – not a kit car in sight. We always meet inspiring people when we visit Cali and this trip was no different – we met Chip Foose himself! What an honour – and what was even more surprising was that he’d seen GWG. Gobsmacked.

Roland Sands’ Moto Beach Classic is held on Huntingdon Beach in Orange County, there’s motorcycle racing, music, food and a bunch of great people. Indian leant us a Chieftain for our time in LA so we took that along and hung out. This is the second time I’ve been to this event and this time our friends Chris and Nicole came with us and we stayed in a great hotel on the beach instead of the dive Motel Ant biked us last time!

The rest of our time was spent zipping about on the Indian Chieftain seeing friends, visiting places including the Petersen Museum, which I highly recommend, eating, making the most of the sun, seeing some live comedy and generally living it up in Los Angeles. I’ll do a separate post about The Petersen Museum because I got loads of great photos from there.

The end of the trip existed of a mad dash to Las Vegas to attend two days of Sema. The first day we worked on three stands for ATEQ TPMS Tools which only left us with one full day to see what we could at Sema. Anyone who’s been there knows it’s impossible to see even 1/4 of the show in one day so I singled out a few builds I’d been following on Instagram as well as a few brands I work with and did the best I could with the time remaining after that! The builds on show at Sema always blow me away, two of my favourites were Old Smokey F1 a Pikes Peak and record land speed racer built by Scott Birdsall at Chuckles Garage. Then the custom BMW E30 built by Rebellion Forge Racing with a Live To Offend Kit by Kyzyl Saleem. Two extraordinary custom racers, even more breathtaking in reality. As well as meeting Chip Foose on this trip we met another one of my heroes – Aaron Kaufman. What a genius and a gentleman – I had to fan girl him and get a photo. In fact we met loads of other tv builders, from shows on Motortrend – which really was a pleasure.

The LA to Vegas bubble quickly burst when we had to travel back to rainy Birmingham to attend the NEC Classic Motor Show to film a special episode for Goblin Works Garage, it took us 25 hours from door to door. So it’s safe to say we were tired! Both car shows, which couldn’t be more different had one similarity – fans of the show were incredible and we were extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to speak to us. It was a whirlwind trip and I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully next time it will be for longer and we’ll get to build and race out there. Thank you LA, as always you were an inspiration.

Two photos (Ant and myself, Me and Cricket) taken by Chris Corona.

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