Bio – My name is Helen Stanley, I am a Car Customiser and self confessed Boy Racer. Following on from a successful career in the fashion industry I decided to dive full-time into my biggest passion, cars. Reimagining and customising classic cars, training to race and living the custom life.

Currently I’m working on a selection of custom builds and I document these, as well as my lifestyle on the custom car scene, through Instagram and YouTube. As a fan of classic cars, I obsess over BMW E30s, M1s, Audi Quattros, Sierra Cosworth RS500s, 70s and 80s rally cars and touring cars. I’m a big fan of the progressive nature of the Japanese and American car scene and I strive to inject more of that passion, innovation and brave approach into custom car culture in the UK.

I head-up a custom car club called Anti-Taste Collective, which is aimed at encouraging a wider, more diverse audience to get involved in the scene. I’m determined to encourage and motivate other petrol heads and erase old fashioned industry stereotypes – unfortunately upheld by the media.

I sometimes do a bit of TV including Goblin Works Garage, Motor Pickers, World’s Greatest Cars all on Quest and I’m Not Driving That With Ali-A on BBCiPlayer.

So look out for more social media, YouTube and Podcasts from me, all custom cars, life on the scene and hooning!